Home Again, Home Again

Posted March 31, 2023 by Louis Rushmore
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“Home again, home again, jiggety-jig” is the second line of a very old nursery rhyme. Following, you will see how the phrase “home again, home again” pertains to Louis and Martha Rushmore over the past few months.

Martha and her son, Jim departed Ocala, Florida on January 27th for Daytona International Airport. They flew from there to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, whereupon Martha and her son rented a car and stopped at the grave of Martha’s late husband Bob in Calcutta, Ohio. From there, they drove to Wellsville, Ohio to be with Martha’s youngest son Bryan prior to his cancer surgery.

After worship services on Sunday, January 29, Jim, Martha, Bryan and Bryan’s wife Melissa made their way to Ashland, Ohio to visit with Sharon Noland, the widow of Martha’s late son Bob. He passed away November 25, 2021. Martha’s grandson, Justin, his wife and great granddaughter were there to visit also. Later, that evening they all went out to eat before all separating to go back to their respective homes.

Bryan underwent his first surgery on January 30th, after which Jim returned home. Martha, however, remained with Bryan and Melissa through 11 of his 12 surgeries from January through March.

In the meantime, Louis drove from Ocala to Meridian, Mississippi on March 7th and lodged with Therman and Sadie Hodge. The next evening, Louis accompanied the Hodges to Bible study with the Union, Mississippi Church of Christ. Louis and Therman formerly traveled together to teach and preach in Myanmar (Burma) and India.

Outside Meridian, Mississippi

Friday, March 10th, Louis drove to Winona, Mississippi, where he stayed with Jerry and Paula Bates. That evening, Shane and Emily Fisher joined us for supper and Christian fellowship. The Bates, the Fishers, the Rushmore’s are coworkers along with Betty Choate and others in World Evangelism.

On Saturday, Louis visited his late wife, Bonnie’s grave in Carroll County and later resupplied himself with books from the warehouse. Also, on Saturday, Martha flew from Pittsburgh to Memphis, Tennessee, and Louis’s daughter Rebecca picked her up and took Martha to her home in Collierville, Tennessee.

Sunday morning, Louis made a PowerPoint presentation for the Old Union Church of Christ outside of Carrollton, Mississippi about his and Martha’s mission work in Guyana, South America. He also worshipped with the congregation. At the same time Martha and Rebecca worshipped with the Collierville Church of Christ. Sunday evening, Louis drove to Collierville and reunited with Martha after 44 days of being separated. That was the longest time they had been parted since they wed on January 1, 2017. Wednesday evening Louis, Martha and Rebecca attended Bible study with the Collierville Church of Christ.

On Saturday, March 18, Louis and Martha embarked for Dickson, Tennessee where Louis was to speak in a Gospel meeting from Sunday through Wednesday (March 19-23). Roger and Mary Wright were their gracious hosts. Louis considered it an honor and a privilege to speak for the Sylvia Church of Christ; brethren from several different congregations attended the meeting.

Thursday morning Martha and Louis for left Theodore, Alabama where they were the quests of Larry and Diane Burch. On the Lord’s Day, Louis made the mission presentation during Bible class and preached for the morning and afternoon assemblies. Afterward, Louis and Martha drove to DeFuniak Springs, Florida and arrived in time for the evening worship with the College Avenue Church of Christ.

Monday, Louis and Martha made their way home back to Ocala. Martha arrived after having been gone for almost two months. Home Again! Louis arrived home after about a three-week absence. Home Again. “Home again, home again, jiggety-jig”!

March 2023 Gospel Gazette Online

Posted March 3, 2023 by Louis Rushmore
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The March edition of Gospel Gazette Online (www.GospelGazette.com) has been published and is now available. Readers throughout the world via the Internet have access to biblically sound articles written by Christian men and women. Besides each new monthly issue of the magazine, about 25 years of articles are in the Archive; a search engine and an index help readers to look for specific topics, or one could simply read Gospel Gazette Online from the volume numbers that appear in the Archive. As an added bonus, visit the digital library accessible through Gospel Gazette Online for all of the 116 volumes of The Voice of Truth International magazine and dozens of additional books and tracts. Utilize the trove of literature for personal edification, Bible class preparation, sermon preparation, radio and TV manuscript preparation, and for church bulletins. The price is right; there is no cost to the user. Enjoy.

2023 Florida School of Preaching Lectureship

Posted January 21, 2023 by Louis Rushmore
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The church is different from the world, and so it should be in so many ways. Martha and I were privileged to attend this year’s Florida School of Preaching lectures (January 16-19, 2023). It is always pleasant to be among the caliber of Christians who assemble for such occasions.

One facet of the communal gather of saints this week must be reflective of the masses to be in Heaven. Several ethnicities or races came together without notice of those incidental differences. Likewise, various nations were represented, too – also without distinction. Surely, of such races and nations will Heaven be comprised (Revelation 7:9-10).

I’ve found it largely so overseas as well. Races are politically divided in Guyana, South America. However, inside the church, it does not matter whether someone is of African, of East Indian or of Amerindian descent. We are brethren (Genesis 13:8Hebrews 13:1).

Burma or Myanmar in Asia is made up of tribal peoples, who historically hated and even warred against each other. Inside the Lord’s church, though maybe with tears (I have witnessed personally), Christians love and labor with each other because of Jesus Christ in them.

Martha and I were edified and encouraged in so many ways from the all day, everyday lectures. In addition, it was good to renew old acquaintances and meet other brethren for the first time. Just imagine the reunion with dear brethren and the awesome opportunity to meet other brethren from across the ages when we arrive in Heaven!

Holiday Photo

Posted January 9, 2023 by Louis Rushmore
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A few weeks ago, our daughter Rebecca was visiting us in Florida when this picture was made. I don’t usually like photos of me because they shock me when I unavoidably observe the stark contrast between how I remember myself from years past and the reality of the present. However, I like this picture, perhaps because the two most important women in my life today appear, too.

Preaching the Whole Counsel of God to the Whole World, Vol. 5

Posted December 13, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Preaching the Whole Counsel of God to the Whole World, Vol. 5

Volume 5 (of eventually six volumes of my sermons preached over the past 50 years) is now available. It consists of 382 pages and is comprised of 72 full-sentence outlines. Sections include “Salvation,” “Hope,” “Love” and “Miscellaneous.” It retails for $12 and can be purchased at www.WorldEvangelismMedia.com. However, until the website is updated, you may need to call the office/warehouse in Winona, Mississippi at 662-283-1192; most likely, Paula, Emily or Betty will answer and accommodate your order.

Volume 1 contains sermons about the Godhead, mostly concerning Jesus Christ. Volume 2’s sermons are about Bible Authority. Volume 3 is about the Lord’s church, and Volume 4 treats the Christian home, Christian living and Christian service. Buying the five volumes available at this time are priced to save you $14.00; we’re offering the set of 5 for $40. Ask also about quantity discounts.

Presently, 20 of my books and 20 of my tracts are in print. The tracts are full-color, shirt pocket size; these are part of over 100 new tracts by coworkers with us in mission work abroad and distribution of literature. They, too, are available at WorldEvangelismMedia.com.

December Rushmore Newsletter

Posted December 13, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Greetings, Brethren. The December edition of the Rushmore Newsletter is available directly at the following URL address.

Inside you will learn about our soon approaching annual mission trip to Guyana, South America. Typically, we spend six weeks traversing all or nearly all of the regions of the tropical nation. We rely on the churches of Christ and Christian families to participate with us financially for this to occur.

In addition, inside the newsletter, you will see money in and money out – including a significant shortfall. Of course, Martha also provides a brief summary of our comings and goings. We solicit your prayers.

My Life

Posted November 28, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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My life these days could be summarized by these two ball caps.

Weathered the Storm

Posted November 10, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Martha and I are pleased to note that we weathered the storm. Ocala, Florida, so far, seems to be well positioned to avoid most of the threatening weather from the seas. A hurricane must travel inland quite a way before it reaches us, and for the most part, the hurricanes buffeting Florida since we have lived here have crossed the peninsula below or above us when crossing from coast to coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Ian presented us with some wind and rain, but nothing significant at our address. However, hurricane Nicole, though a category 1 storm, produced much more wind than previous hurricanes we experienced (i.e., the outer bands of which where we live); Nicole brought us constant, light rain for a day or so. Our hearts and prayers go out to fellow Floridians whose fortune was not as agreeable as ours — families and businesses that lost property and livelihoods, and we sympathize with families whose loved ones perished in storm-related deaths.

November 2022 Gospel Gazette Online

Posted October 31, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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The November edition of Gospel Gazette Online is now ready for your viewing. We are happy to present it for your edification and enjoyment. Please consider using it and the thousands of articles archived for personal enrichment, class and sermon preparation, and for bulletins. In addition, the Digital Library has hundreds of magazines and books in PDF format, also without charge. Let us hear from you, and let us know how you are using Gospel Gazette Online. God bless.

Panama City Beach

Posted October 29, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Martha and I took an excursion on our way to a speaking appointment. We were able to spend two nights and a day in Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s the only “vacation” we’ve taken lately, and Martha was more than ready to walk in the sand and surf (all the way up to her ankles). The temperature was nearly perfect as long as the sun was shining, and tolerable after sunset. The food was good, and the sky and sea were picturesque.

Wednesday evening, it was our delight to reunite with some of our dear brethren of the Liberty Church of Christ outside of DeFuniak Springs, Florida. I made a PowerPoint presentation about our mission trip to Guyana, South America earlier this year, as well as acquainted brethren about other aspects of our ministry (i.e., The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online magazines, facilitating funds for TV programs abroad, shipping Christian literature and Bibles overseas). Thursday, we returned to our home in Ocala, Florida. It doesn’t take long when out of one’s routine to become backlogged with office and other responsibilities, and so, Friday and Saturday we were back to work, trying to catch up.

Life is worth living, especially when one has purpose in one’s life, particularly with a view of eternity to come.