My Life

Posted November 28, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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My life these days could be summarized by these two ball caps.

Weathered the Storm

Posted November 10, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Martha and I are pleased to note that we weathered the storm. Ocala, Florida, so far, seems to be well positioned to avoid most of the threatening weather from the seas. A hurricane must travel inland quite a way before it reaches us, and for the most part, the hurricanes buffeting Florida since we have lived here have crossed the peninsula below or above us when crossing from coast to coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Ian presented us with some wind and rain, but nothing significant at our address. However, hurricane Nicole, though a category 1 storm, produced much more wind than previous hurricanes we experienced (i.e., the outer bands of which where we live); Nicole brought us constant, light rain for a day or so. Our hearts and prayers go out to fellow Floridians whose fortune was not as agreeable as ours — families and businesses that lost property and livelihoods, and we sympathize with families whose loved ones perished in storm-related deaths.

November 2022 Gospel Gazette Online

Posted October 31, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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The November edition of Gospel Gazette Online is now ready for your viewing. We are happy to present it for your edification and enjoyment. Please consider using it and the thousands of articles archived for personal enrichment, class and sermon preparation, and for bulletins. In addition, the Digital Library has hundreds of magazines and books in PDF format, also without charge. Let us hear from you, and let us know how you are using Gospel Gazette Online. God bless.

Panama City Beach

Posted October 29, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Martha and I took an excursion on our way to a speaking appointment. We were able to spend two nights and a day in Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s the only “vacation” we’ve taken lately, and Martha was more than ready to walk in the sand and surf (all the way up to her ankles). The temperature was nearly perfect as long as the sun was shining, and tolerable after sunset. The food was good, and the sky and sea were picturesque.

Wednesday evening, it was our delight to reunite with some of our dear brethren of the Liberty Church of Christ outside of DeFuniak Springs, Florida. I made a PowerPoint presentation about our mission trip to Guyana, South America earlier this year, as well as acquainted brethren about other aspects of our ministry (i.e., The Voice of Truth International and Gospel Gazette Online magazines, facilitating funds for TV programs abroad, shipping Christian literature and Bibles overseas). Thursday, we returned to our home in Ocala, Florida. It doesn’t take long when out of one’s routine to become backlogged with office and other responsibilities, and so, Friday and Saturday we were back to work, trying to catch up.

Life is worth living, especially when one has purpose in one’s life, particularly with a view of eternity to come.

October 2022 Gospel Gazette Online

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The October 2022 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is ready for your personal edification, class preparation and formulation of sermons. In addition, thousands of articles from the past 20+ years are archived and easily accessible by topic, index or issue date. Don’t just enjoy Gospel Gazette Online for yourself, but share this valuable resource with friends and family. Invite everyone to select

September Gospel Gazette Online

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The newest edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available. You can achieve personal edification through its pages. In addition, use the current issue as well as articles from the Archive to enhance Bible class and sermon preparation. Furthermore, most of the articles are short enough to use in church bulletins. Please, make use of Gospel Gazette Online and share its treasures with others in your sphere of influence.

Did you know that in the “Digital Library,” accessible from the last line of the masthead, over 100 editions of The Voice of Truth International and about three dozen books are available in PDFs without charge (free)? Enjoy! ~ Louis Rushmore, Editor.

June 2022 Edition of Gospel Gazette Online

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The June edition of Gospel Gazette Online is live and ready for your reading and studying. Our only desire is to glorify God and edify souls. Use it for your personal enrichment, bulletin articles, Bible classes and sermon preparation. Enjoy!

Chaffee Road Church of Christ

Posted May 30, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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This past Sunday, Martha and I, along with our daughter Rebecca, visited the Chaffee Road Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida. We attended the Bible class and afterward worshiped with our brethren there. The occasion of our visit was to touch base with the congregation, which has been helping to support us and enable our stateside ministry and foreign mission work for about 15 years. I was afforded a few moments following the worship period to speak about our six weeks earlier this year in Guyana, South America. Later, I showed the elders my PowerPoint presentation and added some additional details about our missionary labors, not only in South America but also in Asian countries. (On a side note, Chaffee Road appears to be an admirable depiction of a fairly evenly integrated congregation and eldership.)

A few weeks earlier, I was privileged to present during Bible class my PowerPoint presentation about our foreign travel to Guyana February and half of March in 2022. In the worship period, I preached one of the lessons that I presented 13 times during our Guyana mission trip; it was entitled, “Christianity in a Hostile and Challenging Environment.”

The theme of this year’s mission trip to Guyana was “None of These Things Move Me,” based upon Acts 20:22-24. Covid-19 has been and continues to be a challenge facing the worldwide community, though hostile and challenging environments also confront people on a personal level with significant difficulties arising within families, at work, relating to health, death, grief and economics. We all need encouragement from time to time. Our team of Martha and me, as well as Guyanese brethren Nigel Milo and Mohamed Ally, were afforded opportunities to present a series of lessons at 13 venues, plus additional speaking opportunities beyond our workshops.

We were and are thankful for Christian families and churches of Christ who make our work possible. Historically and pre-pandemic, we have traveled with the Gospel to various sites in India, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore and Sri Lanka. Through the generosity of fellow Christians, we are able to print and distribute tracts and books in a variety of languages, give away large print Bibles and facilitate funds for two TV programs (Hindi language broadcasting from New Delhi, India and English language airing from Georgetown, Guyana). May God be glorified and precious souls be edified with God’s Word!

Cabin Fever Escape

Posted May 21, 2022 by Louis Rushmore
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Martha and I haven’t posted much on Facebook for quite a while; Martha has posted more than have I. However, I thought I would share an exquisite picture we took a few days ago when Martha and I escaped from her cabin fever. The night before, I asked YouTube about attractions near Ocala, Florida where we live. Consequently, Martha and I went to the Juniper Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest. The first picture I took was the most stunning. Additional outstanding pics appear by turning one’s Internet browser to “Juniper Springs Ocala National Forest.” A little further east on SR 40, we stopped by a restaurant on the banks of the St. John River for tasty fish dinners. Afterward, traveling in the direction of home, we stopped at the Mill Dam Recreation Area. A warm breeze caressed us as we sat on a park bench gazing at the waterfront.

Pretending we aren’t diabetics, we stopped for some soft-serve ice cream in Silver Springs on the eastern edge of Ocala. What happens escaping cabin fever – a lazy day together – doesn’t count. We topped off the day enjoying our own little paradise in our backyard pool – the perfect party for two.

Many people travel from across the nation and from around the world to vacation in Florida; that being the case, we certainly need to take advantage of the fact that we live in Florida. We have enjoyed several nearby Florida destinations and will look to do so even more, especially considering the price of gas, meals out, etc.

May Edition of Gospel Gazette Online

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The May edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available at In addition, thousands of articles by Christian men and women are in the Archive. Pursue articles for personal enrichment, bulletin articles, Bible classes and sermon preparation. We offer these – as well as over 100 PDF files of The Voice of Truth International magazine, books and tracts – completely free to anyone accessing them over the Internet worldwide. Enjoy! ~ Louis Rushmore, Evangelist