A Thorn between Two Roses

Posted October 6, 2015 by Louis & Bonnie Rushmore
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Underground Restaurant with Winsome & Sheila

Underground Restaurant with Winsome & Sheila

Today (Tuesday, October 6, 2015), I spent the day at the Hmawbi Bible School in its tropical, and today, rainy backdrop. Between yesterday and today, I spent about eight hours instructing Christians and non-Christians about the organization of the Lord’s church. Even one of the Burmese instructors said his understanding of the subject was improved by our investment in this study. We addressed male leadership in the church, the qualifications of elders, the selection and appointment of elders, how a congregation without elders yet can function properly and how female Christians can influence the decisions made by either the adult, faithful male members or an eldership.

Supper tonight amounted to a thorn between two roses. As a token of my appreciation and on behalf of my supporters, it was my pleasure to treat my hostesses to a store-bought supper in a nice restaurant not far from my hotel. Sister Winsome and I each enjoyed backed spaghetti with beef meatballs, while sister Sheila had a deluxe noodle and seafood assortment. After cleaning our plates, we split a dessert plate of ice cream, cake and Jell-O three ways. It was a lovely way for me not to spend my evening alone in my hotel room, and this mother-daughter duo cater to and feed the string of American visitors that pass through Yangon and disperse throughout Myanmar during the year for our Lord.

Once back in my room, I found the Internet working again, and so I uploaded the final pages of the October issue of Gospel Gazette Online (Website: www.gospelgazette.com) to the Internet. Then, I proceeded to inform the nearly 1,700 subscribers that the newest edition was ready for their use.

Each day is full with purposeful activity, and that is just fine with me. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

I Laughed Today

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Mobile OfficeSunday morning October 4, I worshipped with the 8-Mile Church of Christ that meets in the home of Winsome and her mother Sheila. In the afternoon, I worshipped with the church that meets in Esther’s home. On both occasions, I preached “Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification and Sanctification.”

We were late arriving at the second assembly and a Burmese preacher was preaching already. Interestingly, he was preaching one of my sermons! I wrote it in English, and he was reading it in English while preaching it in Burmese. Later, he said that I was his teacher from afar and that though we had never met, he was glad to finally meet me. He has on his computer a large share of the sermons, articles and books that I have prepared over the past 40 years. I am grateful if anything that I have attempted to do in Christian service proves useful and edifying to others as well.

Monday, it was my privilege to teach morning and evening at the Hmawbi Bible School in a jungle setting about an hour from Yangon where I am lodging; last night, the mosquitoes got the upper hand, waking me twice from my sleep with their painful bites.

About 30 are in attendance this 5-week session at the school, counting students and staff. During our lunch break, I was conversing and enjoying company with dear brethren Simon and Philip, and before I knew it, I was momentarily dislodged from my sullen grief and pain into an audible, noisy laugh. I surprised myself, because I had doubted if I would ever find satisfactory amusement to divert my attention from my loss. I hardly know what to think, and silly as it is, I almost feel a little guilty about it, as if in some way I am being disrespectful to the memory of my Bonnie.

Lessons today and tomorrow are about male leadership in the church and especially about elders. In addition, we have and will address how to function in a congregation without elders. Discussed today and planning more for tomorrow, we have noted and will note yet some more that Scripture does not permit women a leadership role in the Lord’s church. Additional lessons this week and next week will speak to making preaching more effective and acquaint pupils some with fundamentals of English and Greek.

Back at the hotel between power outages, I am in the final stages of publishing the October edition of Gospel Gazette Online to the Internet. My mobile office – stateside or abroad – travels with me and only requires a little space, occasionally some electric and once in a while a minimally satisfactory Internet connection. Notice in the photo my “desk and chair.” The table is a little low, and the chair is a little hard, until I line it with bed pillows. Actually, the pillows and the bed are somewhat hard, too.

Some of you will be pleased that I laughed today, noting how forlorn I have been these short number of months since Bonnie passed away. Not all of my mourning has subsided, but immersing myself in the Lord’s work on foreign soil and renewing friendships among the loved ones here in the faith helps. Others of you will be happy to note that I am attempting to apply myself, whereby God may be glorified and precious souls may be edified. To God be the glory.

What’s Not to Like?

Posted October 3, 2015 by Louis & Bonnie Rushmore
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Burmese, Rwang & Lisu language literature

Burmese, Rwang & Lisu language literature

What’s not to like? Nearly every day since I have been in Asia so far (i.e., Singapore and Myanmar) I have eaten French fries! With a stomach like mine, nursed daily with medicine, the anticipation of spicy Asian diet and sometimes doubtful hygienic food preparation can give rise to some personal anxiety. To date, I haven’t dipped heavily into my store of cereal bars and Ritz crackers.

What’s not to like? I sleep in an air conditioned room; when the electric fails, a generator restores power to the hotel. I have a hot shower at my disposal – and a western-style flush toilet. Someone else washes my clothes, unlike at the house when that is my job. Besides tasty meals in local restaurants and the home of sisters Winsome and Sheila, the grocery store is a short walk from my lodging, where just last night I bought all I could carry. Of course, I just got the important stuff, like Coke Zero, orange juice, Myanmar tea, washcloths, professionally packaged cashews and one of the biggest Cadbury milk chocolate bars I have ever seen – enough to last for days!

More importantly, I am here for a reason in service of our Lord, and it has been a sheer pleasure to interact with dear, familiar brethren in both countries visited as of yet; I look forward and long also for the sweet friendship of more Christian friends in Sri Lanka and India in the weeks to come.

Upon my arrival Monday, September 28, I was greeted by Asia’s Phoebe, sister Winsome; she is the go to person for arrangements for so many foreign and domestic brethren to facilitate our comings and goings for the cause of Christ. The landscape of the Christian endeavors of so many brethren would not be the same at all without her. Tuesday, I was greeted at the hotel by brother Jay Ahti who had traveled an hour to see me, bearing for me more fruit than I could eat in the three weeks I will be in this country; we lunched together nearby at a café in Oceans mall. Wednesday, brother Kyaw Sein from Hmawbi sent a car for me to usher me to his home about an hour away, where we had lunch together and mapped out a strategy for teaching in his neighborhood two weeks from then.

Thursday, Jay Ahti returned in a taxi to retrieve me and take me to his home far, far away through thick motorcar traffic in Yangon, a city of many millions. Following lunch, study and provision for participation in his ongoing godly labors, we trudged back to my hotel. Friday, brother Damon Vincent arrived at the hotel and we communed in the lobby for a while, along with Winsome and Jay Ahti; Saturday morning, brethren Damon and Jay departed for the far northeastern corner of Myanmar to present a series of weeklong lectures to fellow Christians. Saturday, Winsome and I made my annual trek to Scott’s Market in the downtown, whereupon I buy small gifts each year to give away to stateside brethren who extend to me their hospitality as I travel, giving mission updates and presenting biblical lessons. I look forward to the jaunt, and there is always so much more to take in and view beyond what meager purchases I make.

Punctuating the above throughout the week, I have set up my mobile office in a corner of my hotel room and applied myself to preparing the October edition of Gospel Gazette Online and beginning to work on a new literature project. Most of the time, the Internet at the hotel works and is barely fast enough to upload html pages for GGO and retrieve my email. As soon as I receive the last two articles for which I am waiting from writers, I will publish the new issue and notify subscribers.

This week, too, through the funds made available by my supporters, I have empowered Burmese brethren with hundreds of dollars to continue printing various pieces of literature; I also gave them new tracts that they may consider for publication in four national languages of Burma.

Sunday, as I pen this, I am anticipating worshipping with brethren at two house churches in Yangon, where on each occasion they graciously will permit me to teach God’s Word. Monday through Friday, Lord willing, I will teach four hours daily at the Hmawbi Bible School in a jungle setting. Next Sunday, I am scheduled to speak for the congregation that assembles in the home of Kyaw Sein. Monday through Friday of that week, I will teach two hours in the Hmawbi neighborhood of brother Sein and two hours at the school each day. The following day, Saturday, I fly to Sri Lanka.

If it isn’t working for the Lord, it is not something that has much meaning to me, especially these days. Slowly, my grief is becoming a little more manageable, particularly as I devote myself to the tasks outlined above that lie before me. I’m on a journey, and this earth is not my home. Sometimes I stray from the pilgrim pathway (like any other mortal), but I am determined to maintain my focus on the heavenly horizon toward which I am marching. There are persons there who I earnestly long to embrace – Bonnie Sue Rushmore, but more so, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, the angelic host and the redeemed of all ages. Come, go with me – hand in hand!



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Flower in SingaporeSingapore the island/city/country and its people impress me. This time upon visiting Singapore, I was afforded the opportunity to see some of it by car and on foot in daylight instead by the dark of night traveling between the airport and a hotel and back again. Simply put, I am mesmerized by the ultra-modern, pristine clean super-city that pushes boundaries in so many ways: available land surface and determined to fill in the sea to expand its island mass, super skyscrapers, cultural and convention centers, expansive multi-story shopping malls everywhere, ethic eateries galore, economic prowess even in the absence of natural resources, extent of its cultural diversity, universal quest for ultimate education and sheer determination. Singapore reminds me in my limited exposure to the computer game SimCity of that type of predisposed disposition to succeed and prosper.

In addition, my incomplete exposure to Christian brethren Singapore is no less invigorating. This visit was the second time I have been afforded the opportunity to speak for the Lavender Church of Christ. The first time about two years ago, I was accompanied by my wife Bonnie (who since has passed away) and brother Therman Hodge; presently, though, I am traveling alone.

Friday evening for a couple of hours or so, it was my good pleasure to speak to youth and some of their parents about external evidences: the age of the earth, carbon-14 dating, missing links and dinosaurs. I was surprised and pleased both by the willingness of young people to come together for a special event such as this as well by their election to have me speak on evidences. Around 25 were present.

Saturday, one brother gave me a car tour of Singapore, and we walked along the eastern seaside. We also talked for a while, me fielding religious questions and supplying some biblical answers.

Sunday morning, I was permitted to preach during worship, at which time I made my PowerPoint presentation, “The Church in Prophecy”; at the Lavender congregation, worship precedes Bible class, and there is an intermission between the two occasions for “tea,” though I saw plenty of eating going on of rice and various sweets. Interesting also, the worship period is scheduled for an hour and a half, and the preacher is expected to preach for 40 to 45 minutes. Ah, a preacher’s paradise! Bible class is an hour long, and at that time I presented my lesson, “From Creation Until Now.”

Following worship and class, several of the local members and I dined at the second floor food court in the multi-level mall next door. I could tell from the fare that I wasn’t in Dixie anymore! Later for supper, I ate at Burger King across a side street from the V Hotel where I have been lodging. With some difficulty because I didn’t know how to read my travel itinerary correctly, I checked in online from my hotel room for my flight tomorrow afternoon to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). A front desk employee helped me print my boarding pass from my computer thumb drive.

I distributed tracts of numerous titles to both the youth on Friday and to the congregation on Sunday. Still, I have additional literature for some of the places to which I will be traveling over the next seven weeks in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India. Your prayers and moral encouragement are greatly appreciated. Through me some of you are my partners in the Gospel as I go to four Asian nations this fall with the Gospel.

The picture gracing this episode of my missionary travels is of a curious looking flower in the perimeter foliage lining the edge of the 4th floor outdoor restaurant where I have been eating my breakfast daily. Wish you were here to enjoy the experience of worshipping with fine brethren on this side of the planet (around 12 time zones away) as well as experiencing the sights and sounds so wonderful.

First Travel Segment

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Singapore“I’m on my way!” I emailed to brethren in Singapore, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India. With that warning sent, I boarded the first of three jetliners in Memphis, TN on Wednesday, September 23, 2015. Shortly after that aircraft landed in Minneapolis, MN, I ambled on my second flight, a 12-hour, 20-minute jaunt to Tokyo. I’m convinced that no airplane seat regardless of how cushioned (at least in coach) is comfortable enough for a long haul like that! Three hours after landing in Japan, I began the third leg of my first travel segment to four Asian countries in the fall of 2015.

Finally about 25 hours after leaving Memphis, TN, my jetliner touched down on the island-city-nation of Singapore. In the course of travel that far away, I swapped day for night and night for day, jumping into the future nearly 12 hours. I arrived around the commencement of Friday. After missing my contact person at the airport and an hour interceding during which we could neither find nor communicate directly with each other, we made a short trip to the V Hotel. By 3 a.m., I was showered and in bed for a little nap—though my weary body had succumbed to some shuteye on that last flight of 6½ hours.

Though my hotel room may be among the smallest in which I have ever lodged and Spartan, it is my delightful and fully adequate abode and office for parts of four days. I enjoyed an open-air breakfast on the 4th floor, and then, went for a short walk outside. There is a McDonalds, a Long John Silvers, a bakery and local fare attached to the ground-floor edifice of my hotel; across the street is a Burger King and a 3-story mall. Momentarily I thought to myself, I could live in the V Hotel! However, the menus in overseas restaurant franchises vary significantly from stateside offerings.

My game plan for the day is to rest (compensate for jetlag somewhat), do some office work and beginning at 7:30 p.m. tonight to teach several lessons on evidences to Christian youth of the Lavender Church of Christ here in Singapore. The young people chose lessons on evidences from among the several topics I offered for their consideration. I’m already impressed with that.

Stay tuned. Whenever time is available and Internet connection is conveniently available, I will offer updates over the next two months. I humbly solicit your prayers on my behalf and for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ. My goal is glorify God and edify as many souls as possible with whom I come in contact.

P.S. Indonesian forest fires have shrouded the whole country of Singapore in a smoky haze. The temperature at midnight was 82 degrees, and by nearly 11 a.m. it remains the same, accented with a pleasant sea breeze.


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Just this past Wednesday (September 16), I traveled the three hours one way from Winona, MS to an appointment in Bear Creek, AL, before making my way back to Winona around midnight the same day. Before assembling with the Bear Creek church of Christ that night, I had a supper appointment with fellow preacher Robin Dunaway at a Mexican restaurant in Haleyville, AL; he bought my late wife Bonnie’s computer to replace his ailing machine. At Bear Creek, I made my PowerPoint presentation, “Overview & Update,” about World Evangelism.

On Sunday, I traveled four and a half hours back to Alabama to be with the Antioch church of Christ (outside of Killen, AL) for all three services. In the absence of the congregation’s minister, I once more presented “Overview & Update” for Bible class, and I preached “The Church in Prophecy” and “Redemption, Forgiveness, Justification & Sanctification” respectively for a.m. and p.m. worship periods. During the afternoon, it was my good fortune to be the guest for lunch and relaxation afterward of brother and sister Peck of the Antioch congregation.

Following evening worship, I journeyed two and a half hours to my daughter’s home in Collierville, TN. Wednesday morning, I will board the first of three jet airplanes in succession that will whisk me away to Singapore, arriving on Friday, September 25 just after midnight their time. Before leaving on Wednesday, there are some details that I must attend in last minute preparation for my fall mission trip. Lord willing, I will return to the States on November 17.

After teaching and preaching in Singapore for a few days, I will travel to Myanmar (Burma) where I will teach and preach for two weeks. From there, I will go to Sri Lanka via Malaysia aboard an infamous of over the last two years airline’s craft. Upon completing my teaching and preaching in Colombo, Sri Lanka during the span of a weekend, I will fly to New Delhi, India. There, Indian Christians and I will ride a train for 24 hours and a car for three more hours to arrive at my next preaching and teaching venue. Days later, we will retrace our steps to Delhi, whereupon I will teach for a few days in that city.

Leaving New Delhi, I will fly as close as I can to Kakinada, India on the Bay of Bengal, but the last little bit will require an hour’s ride in a car; the same is true respecting nearly any airport into which or out of which I fly often in the States or abroad.

A week and a half later, I will fly to Bangalore, India. There the plan is to ride about eight hours by car to Namakkal, India where I will teach and preach for about a week. Finally back in Bangalore, Lord willing, I will finish this year’s trip around the world by flying to Paris, France before flying onward to Memphis, TN.

Soon, then, I will be off on a two-month excursion to four Asian countries. Brethren, your prayers, moral support and financial participation are much appreciated.

Breaking News: Two of my flights in October were just cancelled by the airline. Perhaps Tuesday (one day before I leave the USA) I will know which flights will replace them and at what cost. Apparently, that snafu will take from me a day in Sri Lanka!


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Trevor (Caribbean Shipping), Darlene & Tom Primm

Trevor (Caribbean Shipping), Darlene & Tom Primm

No, the answer is not 1,238. All except “82” are Interstate highway numbers involved in my humongous warped-circle trek over the last four days northward from Winona, MS to Nashville, TN to Chattanooga, TN and back to Winona. US-82, a couple state routes and city streets rounded out the numerical formula.

Wednesday (September 9) most of the elders and the preachers with their families from the Siwell Road Church of Christ and I convened at a Jackson, MS diner before evening Bible class. Wednesday Bible study was the last opportunity to assemble with my sponsoring congregation prior to my departure on September 23 for my Asian mission trip. I was greatly encouraged and appreciated very much the moral support.

The first leg of my journey started Thursday afternoon as I made my way to Rebecca’s, using her house as a way station on my way to Nashville. Wednesday morning, Jerry Bates and I loaded nearly 3,000 copies of The Voice of Truth International into my van along with thousands of tracts, hundreds of Gospel magazines, a communion and collection plate set, communion cups and Bibles. Friday morning, I drove to Caribbean Shipping Service in Nashville to send that payload to Guyana, South America. The literature will be distributed to every congregation of the churches of Christ in the country through the efforts of the Amelia’s Ward Church of Christ in Linden, Guyana. Brother and sister Primm from the Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville met up with me and helped unbox the magazines and pack them into round, 75-gallon shipping barrels. The shipment left Nashville Saturday for the Port of Miami to go by container ship to South America. The Primm’s also treated me afterward to one of the finest pulled-pork barbeque sandwiches that I have ever enjoyed (at Jack’s Barbeque in Nashville).

Around 4:45 p.m. EST Friday I arrived at the home of brother Winston and sister Cathy Stringfield in Chattanooga, TN. He is one of the elders of the Ooltewah, TN Church of Christ where I spoke for a.m. Bible class and worship on Sunday, September 13. Saturday, I tagged along with brother Winston as other church members and he served refreshments to a women’s shelter. Sunday morning for Bible class, I made my PowerPoint presentation “Update & Overview” about World Evangelism of which I am a team member, followed by my PowerPoint “The Church in Prophecy” for the worship period. Journeying home later, I retraced my steps southward on I-75 and I-24 until turning off on I-59 and so on.

The circle was complete Sunday evening when I arrived back in Winona, MS, happy to sleep in my own bed once more. The return trip of some six hours plus stops took me through parts of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Wednesday, I will return to Alabama for an appointment with a congregation, and I will be all day Sunday with still another church also in Alabama. Between appointments, I need to finalize a myriad of things in preparation for an absence of two months on the mission field – in four Asian countries. Jerry and Paula Bates left ahead of me also to Asian countries, but we will not bump into each other abroad. Sister Betty Choate, Jerry and Paula Bates, and I consistently busy ourselves in the service of our Lord, stateside and abroad, through mass evangelism and follow up, and we would not have it any other way. Please pray for our feeble efforts at Christian service whereby we endeavor to glorify God and edify those with whom we come in contact, both Christians and non-Christians, too.



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