Approaching a Quarter of a Century

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A new year, a new month, a new edition of Gospel Gazette Online ( awaits readers from around the world. Take a moment and pause for some spiritual food. Enjoy. May God richly bless every reader.

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Robert (Bob) Michael Noland II (December 7, 1968-November 25, 2021) November 18th, Martha and I were notified that Bob collapsed onto the steering wheel of his tractor-trailer as he brought it to a stop at fuel pumps at a truck stop in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He was admitted to ICU in the local hospital. Subsequently, it was learned that a blood clot in his heart dislodged and traveled to his brain, resulting in two strokes. Friday the 19th, Martha and I drove to Rock Hill, but Martha was prohibited from seeing her son; only his wife Sharon, who had traveled from Ohio to be with him, was allowed admittance, owing to Covid-19 precautions implemented by the hospital. Bob seemed to make some improvements, however, he died on Thanksgiving Day due to a heart attack and a third stroke. Several family members, then, were permitted entry to ICU while various machines kept his body functioning until family members traveled to Rock Hill from Ohio.

Other family members, as well as Martha and I, drove or flew back to Ohio to await his funeral. During the following week, Martha and I slept on a couch for several days before taking a hotel. Bob’s funeral was Saturday, December 4, 2021. Had he lived until December 7th, he would have been 53 years old. He had no previous heart problems.

The outpouring of condolences and the dozens of attendees to Bob’s funeral, in the meetinghouse of the Ashland, Ohio Church of Christ, brought much encouragement to family and friends. It was one of the longest funerals I have ever attended. Bob was an outstanding Christian who impacted many lives stateside and abroad. I knew Bob much better after the funeral than I had previously, though I have known him since the 1990s.

Simultaneously to Bob’s death and funeral, another son of Martha, James Noland was admitted twice to a hospital in Ocala, Florida. He had kidney stones, gallstones and blood sugar over 600; he had not previously been diagnosed with diabetes. Martha was torn about to which son she ought to respond, and expectedly, she was distraught.

We returned to our home in Ocala on the evening of December 7th, Bob’s birthday. James is out of the hospital and back to work, though he will need to have his gallbladder removed, probably in January.

We are in the midst of putting up Christmas decorations, etc. Several things were left undone in our absence, to which we need to attend.

Through everything and everywhere to which we went, God was with us and we were with Him. The Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill proved to be the friendliest congregation I have every encountered; they were a source of great encouragement, and we were privileged to assemble with them on two occasions while we were in their city.

Phone calls and cards continue to come, each extending some comfort. We are thankful for every expression of sympathy. Martha and I solicit your continued prayers.

A Week of Fun

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Martha Lynn Rushmore

On Saturday, October 30th, my sister Denise Conley and my niece Shalyn Conley came to visit. Shalyn left very quickly to go to Tampa and visit a friend.

Denise and I had many good talks, laughs and a few tears. We tried to solve all the world problems, but unfortunately no one would listen to us. We may have had some good ideas, but I am sure not enough for this world to get totally better. Well, maybe we did. We said, “If everyone would go to the Bible and obey it, our problems would be solved.” There would be no more lying, no more backbiting and no more jealously; every political leader would do his or her best to make our world a better place to live.

Since we do not have Sunday evening services because of covid, we passed out candy to trick or treaters in our neighborhood. We had pizza afterwards with our good neighbors across the street. Lots of laughs.

Shalyn came back on Monday, and then, we had places to go and much to do. We went shopping, ate out and shopped some more. Shalyn had two specific places she wanted to go. One was the Renaissance Room. This store is full of second-hand good things from nick knacks to furniture. I was so good for a change; I did not buy anything. Now, I saw a lot of things I liked, but I controlled my urges.

Shalyn also wanted to go to the restaurant in Ocklawaha – Gator Joe’s. This restaurant has some of the best gator and fish around the area. It is on a lake that has a beach. Seaplanes, boats, airboats and jet skies come in and beach themselves on one side of the restaurant and wharf, and there is a place to swim on the other side of the building. You can sit outside on a dock built out over the water. Shalyn really enjoyed the restaurant and bought herself a Gator Joe’s hoodie.

The girls talked about leaving on Wednesday, but they did not want to start traveling again. So, they stayed and helped me dust and rearrange our built-in living room shelves. It was a lot of work, but we had a good time with lots of laughs. I really appreciated all their help. These shelves are loaded with items we brought back from overseas, some old antiques and some things not so old. We lined each shelf with a shawl that we brought back from India, Myanmar and Guyana. We were all happy with our accomplishment.

On our down time, we relaxed on the lanai. We three ladies had a great time. I did not want them to go home, but that was not an option. On Thursday morning about 7:00 a.m., they set out for Denise’s home in Marietta, Ohio. Then, Shalyn headed to her home in Belpre, Ohio. I love my sister and niece. I look forward to their visit every year.

Gospel Gazette Online: November 2021

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The November 2021 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is ready! Follow the link ( directly to the current issue of 16 pages by Christian brothers and sisters. Share in their studies. Let us hear from you ( Enjoy!

September Edition of Gospel Gazette

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The September edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available for your reading and study of the Word of God. Simply go to You’ll find these articles useful for bulletins, class studies and sermon preparation. The Editors wish God’s blessings to come to each reader. ~ Louis Rushmore, Editor

July 2021 Gospel Gazette Online

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The July 2021 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is now ready for your viewing. May God bless each reader. Louis Rushmore and Rodney Nulph, editors.

June 2021 Gospel Gazette Online

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Friends, the June 2021 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is ready. Let me know how you use it. Be a friend to someone and encourage him or her to take a look at our monthly magazine via the Internet. God bless. ~ Louis Rushmore, Evangelist.

Across the States

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Martha and I traveled to the Maywood Missionary Retreat in Hamilton, Alabama. Wednesday evening through Friday night (April 28-30), we communed with fellow missionaries and other Christians interested in foreign missions. The Hamilton Church of Christ had a Gospel meeting speaker Wednesday evening, which assembly we and several other missionaries attended. I was privileged to lead a prayer.

Saturday, Martha and I drove to Collierville, Tennessee, where my daughter Rebecca lives. We stayed in her home until Monday morning, when she (much earlier than us) left for work and we headed to our Florida home. Sunday, we three worshipped with the Collierville Church of Christ; I updated the congregation with a PowerPoint presentation about our ministry, particularly our overseas mission activity.

Martha and I arrived home Tuesday afternoon, ready to again sleep in our own bed that evening. Our jaunt across states took us through parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Florida, of course. Though our overseas venues are struggling greatly with the ongoing worldwide pandemic, Martha and I anticipate additional stateside trips over the next few months. In all things, we purpose to glorify God and edify Christians as well as non-Christians.

May 2021 Edition of Gospel Gazette Online

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Hey Folks! Just wanted to let you know that the May 2021 edition of Gospel Gazette Online is available and ready for your reading pleasure and biblical study. Go to

Read It Before You Can Hold It

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The Voice of Truth International #109 is available in digital format (PDF), though the printed version will be months away from publication and distribution. You may read it or even download it without charge by going to the following web address: The 108 previous editions as well as dozens of books and pamphlets are available also in the digital library of Gospel Gazette Online. Simply follow the following link to get started: While you are at the Gospel Gazette Online website, don’t forget to visit the current edition of Gospel Gazette Online at Besides each monthly magazine, thousands of articles are in the Archive, waiting for you to access them through the onsite search engine or through the index. All of this, too, is without charge to the user. May God richly bless your Bible studies. Visit the following.