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HeadstoneSeptember 15 – 16, Monday and Tuesday, Bonnie and I visited family in Pennsylvania. Monday, we drove from Hanoverton, Ohio where we had lodged for several days to Sharon, Pennsylvania. There, we visited Bonnie’s sister Dianna. A little later, we drove further in to the state to the outskirts of Greenville, Pennsylvania to visit with Bonnie’s brothers Jim and Larry, with their wives, who congregated at Larry’s home. After a little catching up, we all drove to the local Pizza Hut to continue our fraternizing over tasty fixings. Later, we drove to Mercer, Pennsylvania where we had the misfortune to select the Comfort Inn for the next two evenings’ lodging; Comfort Inns lately where we have stayed have been all over the place relative to any standard of hospitality, and this one turned out to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Tuesday morning, Bonnie and I first drove to the Rocky Glen Cemetery on a wooded hill overlooking Adamsville, Pennsylvania. It took a while, but we finally located the graves of Bonnie’s various family members, including her parents, a sister and a niece.

Next, we drove to Martin Rushmore’s home in Jamestown, Pennsylvania; Tuesday was largely dedicated to visiting my surviving family members whereas the day before we visited Bonnie’s surviving family members. After leaving Martin’s place, we drove toward Greenville, Pennsylvania once more and stopped at my brother Michael’s home. Late in the day, we drove to Hadley, Pennsylvania and visited my father Clifford. We usually see our families no more than once annually, and we opt to make the long drive before snow and ice make traveling more difficult. We make this trip each year right before going overseas on our mission trips to Asian countries. A week from tomorrow, Wednesday, September 24 we begin this year’s saga to four Asian countries: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Singapore.

Pymatunig DamBonnie and it paused between visits to Rushmore brothers visitors in a park overlooking a small dam. There, we ate some Ritz Crackers and cheese we purchased in Amish country – Berlin, Ohio – last Saturday. Between visiting my brothers and visiting my dad, Bonnie and I snagged a sandwich apiece from Arby’s en route. Then, just before returning to our inhospitable hotel, we stopped briefly at Dairy Queen for two small vanilla-chocolate twist soft serve ice cream cones.

It was a good day overall. Cleaned up and ready for bed, we look forward to some rest and sleep before launching out toward West Virginia on Wednesday.

A Day with the Hanoverton, Ohio Church of Christ

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96 dpi 5x7 Tractor at Hanoverton CoCSunday, September 14, 2014, Bonnie and I had the good pleasure of worshipping with the Hanoverton, Ohio Church of Christ. During Sunday morning Bible class, I made my PowerPoint presentation about our 2014 Guyana Mission Trip. For the morning worship period, I preached “Understanding How God Communicates with Mankind, Today.” Following lunch, I attended a devotional conducted by the Hanoverton congregation at a nursing and personal care home in Lisbon, Ohio. Brother Bob Noland and I left our wives back at the Noland home to rest; Martha Noland was coughing, and Bonnie was tired. That evening, I preached about “Rearing Children”; I went overtime, which I promised I wouldn’t do next week – that is, in Hanoverton! That lesson lays out biblical and practical applications for childrearing; I have presented it overseas and in various venues in the USA, for which someone always expresses enthusiastic appreciation.

Hanoverton, Ohio is a farming community – dairy and beef cattle, with the accompanying necessary crops to feed them. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, then, that one of the members – a farmer – drove up for evening worship on a farm tractor. I was happy that he was there irrespective of the mode of transportation or farm clothes. As Bonnie and I travel to foreign countries, we see even more diverse cultural manifestations differing from American norms (e.g., longyi on men and women plus bare feet in worship). The tractor was a nice, amusing touch to rural Ohio parking lot amongst other vehicles delivering their worshippers to the meetinghouse.

P.S. I have never had better hamburgers and meatloaf than derived from the family Angus cattle farms among members of the Lord’s church there. Umm, good!

Traveling Along

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Barrel Train

Barrel Train

Monday, September 8, Bonnie and I continued our northeastward 2014 journey to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We have financial supporters, dear friends and family in those states. No trip Bonnie and I make is wholly recreational or solely a vacation, so again we alternated between speaking to brethren from various congregations of the Lord’s church and visiting family and friends. Monday night, Bonnie and I lodged in a motel in LaGrange, Kentucky.

Young Hostess

Young Hostess

Tuesday, we moved forward throughout the day, arriving in Hanoverton, Ohio early in the evening. Our host and hostess for the next few days are our friends and brethren Bob and Martha Noland; he preaches for the Hanoverton Church of Christ. That evening, we were supper guests with Jake and Angela Marshall and family.



Wednesday, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Medina, Ohio Church of Christ. However, we had an early supper with the Rodney and Julene Nulph family; Rodney preaches for the Medina congregation, and he is the Associate Editor of Gospel Gazette Online. Bonnie and I always enjoy spending a little time with this wonderful couple and their three delightful young children. That evening, I made my PowerPoint presentation “2014 Guyana Mission Trip.”

Thursday and Friday, Bonnie and I enjoyed the company of Bob and Martha Noland. Every year when we visit, we look forward to dining at the Mexican restaurant in Salem, Ohio, which we did once more.



Saturday, Bonnie and I parted temporarily from the Nolands and drove to Sugar Creek, Ohio. We met our son Raymond at the Dutch Valley Restaurant. I relish the Amish cooked roast beef that falls apart; the sweet, mustard-yellow potato salad and some of the best coleslaw I have ever eaten. Of course, it was nice to have the good companionship of my wife and son. We only get to see him once a year when we venture up this way.

People were everywhere! Cars were bumper to bumper stopped from time to time all over Amish country. There was also a little Amish fair going on at Dutch Valley with goats, a camel, alpacas and a huge tortoise. We observed an Amish couple making brooms. There was a trackless train pulling children around the lot in train cars made from 55 gallon drums.

Miniature Church Building

Miniature Church Building

Raymond & Louis

Raymond & Louis

Leaving there, we made our way to Heini’s Cheese Chalet outside of Berlin, Ohio – another must visit location in Amish country every year we come up this way. We had to stand in a 150 foot long line just to get to and through the cheese retail area. After picking up some cheeses and fudge, we went to another area in the Chalet to purchase Amish cake mixes – a must buy each year for Bonnie; of course, I like the end result later when she transforms them into delicious cakes.

Bonnie has felt better today than she has felt in weeks. However, she was tired, and so we headed back to the Noland home in Hanoverton, Ohio. Throughout the week, Bonnie has been suffering with abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, kidney back pain and a low-grade fever. If those maladies were not bad enough, she experienced a serious allergic reaction to the antibiotic; she swelled up, one of her eyes swelled shut and she had a rash everywhere. With a little Benadryl and a few days’ time, her body began to return to normal. We’re hoping and trying to get her in sufficient shape to make our 9-week Asian mission trip, starting Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

During our down moments now and as we travel in the states and overseas, we operate our mobile office, working on things like Gospel Gazette Online and The Voice of Truth International.

Thank you for your interest in Bonnie and me. We covet the prayers of our brethren respecting the efforts we put forth toward the cause of Christ stateside and abroad.

Busy, Busy, Busy

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Inside the Taj Mahal Compound

India in 2012

Saturday, September 6 I barely survived doing most of the yard work, but not all of it. Cleaning up the minor storm damage took me over four hours! Those dreadful pine trees litter the lawn (and the roof and driveway) with wheelbarrows of needles, cones and branches, which must be picked up before each mowing. However, recently, high winds really made a mess, and those cones populate the entire yard, accented with broken branches of every size from several feet long down the size of pieces comparable to a shattered plate – a lot of fine broken fine china. Finally, I was able to get it cleaned up enough to use the pull along rake behind the tractor lawnmower; then, I had to go over all the yard once more, cutting grass. Sorry, for the second time in a row when mowing, I did not cut the steepest part of the embankment or along the ditch. The summers are too hot, I’m starting to show some age and my blood pressure is starting to yoyo up and down – threatening to send me into an unconscious fall as it did a little over two weeks ago. Who would have thought one could hurt himself in so many places and break so many things just by falling from a standing position? Sorry, no gutters cleaned. Sorry, wasn’t able to beat the hedges back from touching the eaves to catchup to the weedy vine already headed for the roof peak. I was attempting to do whatever was essential before leaving for a week and a half road trip through Tennessee and Kentucky to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. My last outside duty before resorting to the air conditioned inside was to load the van with literature (e.g., The Voice of Truth International, tracts, books) for our pilgrimage north. After dark I turned my attention to other matters, namely finishing up and publishing to the Internet the September edition of Gospel Gazette Online.

Sunday morning, Bonnie and I headed west two counties removed to worship with the West President Church of Christ. Besides attending Bible class and the a.m. worship, I was the speaker for a midafternoon worship period, whereupon I preached “Understanding How God Communicates with Mankind, Today.”

Upon our return to the house in Winona, Bonnie and I leisurely packed our clothes for our northward trip. We opted to spend the night at our daughter’s home in Collierville, TN before continuing onward. Bonnie has been feeling poorly these last several days, and we will make the final decision Monday morning whether we drive north or turn around and return south to Winona. We, but especially Bonnie is exasperated from the ceaseless nausea and various abdominal and back pains. In any case, we will get an oil change for the van on our way in one direction or the other.

September 23, we are scheduled to leave Winona for Memphis, TN for a September 24 departure to Asia for nine weeks in four countries – besides the countries in which we land for stopovers to change planes. September 22, Bonnie has her next scheduled oncology appointment, blood work and CT scan. We try to squeeze all things into the calendar days, pressing ever forward as long as we can. Bonnie and I are scheduled to return to the USA around Thanksgiving, which holiday complicated getting our flights and almost stranded us. Please remember us in your prayers, Brethren.

A Week in Review

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Old Union Church of Christ MeetinghouseSunday, August 31, Bonnie and I worshipped with the Old Union Church of Christ, whereupon I taught Bible class and preached in the absence of the preacher Mike Schmitz. During class, I taught about “Pain and Suffering.” For morning worship, I preached about “The Ministry of Angels,” and that afternoon, I spoke about “The Tabernacle: A Type of the Church.” Everyone present enjoyed finger foods between the worship periods.

Throughout the week, routine duties at the World Evangelism Building offices consumed our days. I worked diligently on the September issue of Gospel Gazette Online. I lack one page of two articles to complete and publish that edition. Hopefully, the authors will get those submissions yet this week.

Thursday, Bonnie had an appointment with our doctor to address a probable kidney infection that has been adding to the pain she experiences every day. A laboratory test will confirm the diagnosis in about three days, but the low-grade, on and off fever as well as the location of the back pain points toward kidney infection. She began a regimen of antibiotics later in the day.

Friday, Bonnie and I departed Winona, Mississippi just before 8:30 a.m. for downtown Memphis, Tennessee. There, we met with the purchaser of our 10-bin collator and transferred the unit from our van to his Tahoe. Our correspondence had been frequent over the last couple of weeks, and I told him that we might be obligated to add one another to our respective Christmas card lists. He publishes a multi-community weekly newspaper in Illinois and operates a printing business. I had brought some of our printed material for him, and he likewise brought me his printing product, too. We enjoyed some tea together at McDonald’s – only fair since we used that eatery’s parking lot as a transfer station. We really enjoyed our interaction with him, and noted that he could have been my brother in two senses and I would be happy about that.

Next, we headed in the direction of home, but paused for hours in Southaven, Mississippi. We gassed up the chariot, ate a light lunch and bought groceries – mostly for our soon and upcoming 9-week jaunt to four Asian countries. We lingered longer than necessary so we could meet our daughter for supper after she finished teaching school for the day.

We finally arrived back in Winona around 6:30 p.m. Bonnie faces daily chronic pain, and today was no exception. Eating is a tremendous challenge for her, and it was more so today. The little bit that Bonnie ate nauseated her. She rises and falls with the ailments.

Sunday evening, we will begin a week and a half road trip to Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, plus parts in between. Earlier Sunday, I will be speaking for the West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, Mississippi. Along the way on the typical assembly days, I will be speaking in Ohio and West Virginia. The days between will afford us opportunity to visit family and friends.

Shortly after returning to Winona, Mississippi, we will be flying to the opposite side of the planet to Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Singapore, with stopovers in China, Thailand and Japan. We know we will be ready to leave when we are on the plane (planes!). Bonnie and I will seize the moments (i.e., 30 hours) of our journey to finalize our lesson plans. There is a lot to do before we even approach the airport; I don’t know how we are going to attend to it all. Brethren, please remember us in your prayers.

August 2014 Rushmore Newsletter

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Rushmore NewsletterBonnie and I with the help of Betty Choate spent most of the day (August 27) processing for mailing 989 copies of the August edition of the Rushmore Newsletter. However, we were not able to prepare the mailing in time to get it into the US Mail today. Therefore, we will take the three mailing trays to the local Post Office on Thursday morning. Enclosed in each newsletter is a 2-sided postcard and a return envelope. One side of the postcard depicts Bonnie and me in front of the Taj Mahal in India. The reverse side contains information about how someone can participate financially with us in our foreign mission efforts.

Several states away to the east this morning, our courier received our Myanmar visa application, which she will walk through the Embassy of Myanmar in Washington, DC over the next few days. Also today several states to the west, a travel agent began working on our air travel tickets. In talking with her, we were apprised that there is a problem with our return to Memphis, TN after our 9-week mission trip to Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Singapore. Since we are scheduled to begin our return to the States on November 24, we are running into problems getting the flights necessary inside the United States due to Thanksgiving holiday travel. I don’t understand it, but we are being advised that irrespective of in whatever city we land in this country initially upon our return we will be stuck for days before we can get connecting flights to Memphis. I thought the hard part of our worldwide trek would be crisscrossing throughout Asia – not in the US. Stay tuned!

Otherwise today, we packed and shipped some tracts and books. Later, we hand delivered some beta test Bible class curriculum when we attended Bible class at a Mississippi church of Christ. We also mailed dozens of “Thank You” letters to donors who are helping us financially make our fall Asian mission trip. We fielded phone calls and attended miscellaneous other duties, even into the night after returning home from Wednesday night Bible class.

Time is counting down – rapidly – before our September 24 departure to the other side of the planet. We are working feverishly on so many fronts, and we full-well know that we cannot possibly accomplish some of those tasks before traveling 12 time zones away. Yet, we long to renew friendships with foreign brethren, edify them with the Word of God and acquaint Buddhists, Hindus, Animists and denominational people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here or there, Bonnie and I remain devoted to each other in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. We covet your continued interest and prayers.

Until We Pass over the Threshold into Eternity

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screened porchThursday, August 21 and Friday brother Lester Grimmett, his helper and I applied lumber and fiberglass screen to make a screened-in back porch at our borrowed, Winona home. Mosquitoes and other repulsive creatures just love me – to bite me, that is. This year especially, mosquitoes around our house rival any Bonnie and I have encountered in the tropics of Asia and South America. They are so bothersome that they populate the inside of our house daily, too. I am a virtual mosquito magnet! Maybe now when the heat and humidity retreats a little again, Bonnie and I will be able to enjoy our backyard escape into our miniature garden without the prickly little boogers that leave welts all over me.

volunteers vs. 25,000 booksOne little detour to the satisfactory putting everything back on the little screen patio slab was a minor accident I had Friday afternoon. For many months, particularly in heavy heat or when standing after stooping down, I have been getting lightheaded momentarily. It always passes, except on Friday. Who would believe someone could hurt so much from simply falling from a standing position – as I did on Friday. I have the scrapes and bruises to satisfy that little bit of painful research. Fortunately, I didn’t do any serious damage to myself or to anything else when I passed out and keeled over. The bottom number on my blood pressure was still “47” 40 minutes after the incident. However, Saturday morning, I was able to do some things around outside that were necessary before I resorted to the AC inside for the balance of the day.

volunteers vs. 25,000 booksSunday morning, it was our good pleasure to worship with the Clinton, MS Church of Christ. Since class began at 9 a.m., we had to leave Winona about 7 a.m. – the beginning of a long day in the making. It probably sounds like the proverbial broken record, but I made my PowerPoint presentation for Bible class about our 2014 Guyana Mission Trip; during the worship period, I again preached “Understanding How God Communicates with Mankind, Today.”

volunteers vs. 25,000 booksAfterward, Bonnie and I kicked around Jackson, MS for the afternoon, first dining at and sharing a meal at Olive Garden; despite sharing the meal, we still carted away enough for another meal back at the house for another day. Bonnie cannot eat much at a time, and I have reduced my intake, too, as we share meals; I really like the money-savings bonus that comes along with that strategy. We shopped at Hancock Fabrics and then paused for a couple of hours in comfy seating at a nearby air conditioned mall. We bought gas, some other things at Wal-Mart, of course, and an ice cream cone apiece and a cold drink – as we waited for it to be time to head to our evening venue.

volunteers vs. 25,000 booksSunday evening, we worshipped with our sponsoring congregation, the Siwell Road Church of Christ on the south side of Jackson. I slipped up and got us there about an hour ahead of time; worship began at 5:30 p.m. I preached about “Rearing Children.” Services concluded, Bonnie and I headed in the direction of home – two hours north on I-55. However, on the way, we made two detours and brief stops. First, we visited Kroger in Madison, MS to buy groceries. Secondly, we grabbed sandwiches, shared a fry and soda at Arby’s in Canton, MS along the highway. Upon arriving back in Winona, we retired to bed as soon as we got the car emptied and cold items in the refrigerator or in the freezer. We were bushed.

volunteers vs. 25,000 booksMonday, Bonnie spent a lot of time on the phone trying to pin down the delivery of eight pallets of literature to the World Evangelism building in Winona; we have been waiting for over a week for the shipment to make its way from a dock in Los Angeles to us. It already travel all the way from Hong Kong where we had it printed in color throughout – mostly the new Bible class curriculum. There was ample office work to keep us both hopping – accounting, packaging book and tract orders to take to the Post Office, trying to hammer out our itinerary for our upcoming travels abroad, and doing all that is necessary to apply for our visas to Myanmar.

volunteers vs. 25,000 booksTuesday, a tractor trailer finally pulled up out front. Eighteen volunteers representing three congregations (West President Church of Christ in Greenwood, MS; Liberty Church of Christ in Dennis, MS – three hours away; and Huntsville Church of Christ outside of French Camp, MS) showed up just in time to help me unload and put away 25,000 books – in the blistering hot, highly muggy Mississippi summer day. It’s dark as I compose this, but without all that help, I’d still be working on that job!

Some boxes were damaged in shipment, but we only lost about eight books. Several ladies came along with men, and so they collated several different pieces of literature to ready it for shipping out, beginning on Thursday. Some congregations will be beta testing two different age groups of material this fall.

Otherwise, we shipped book and tract orders. We prepared for doing our mail out of the August edition of the Rushmore Newsletter; it arrived from the printing company the day before. Wednesday, we will attempt to fold, stuff, tab, label and mail nearly 1,000 pieces. Perhaps by Wednesday, Bonnie and I also can send out the numerous “Thank You” cards from those who recently sent monetary gifts to fund our labors stateside and overseas.

There are dozens of additional tasks just begging to be addressed, too. In due time, they all will move to the forefront and receive our attention (e.g., preparation of lessons for the seminars and Gospel lessons we each will present over nine weeks abroad, making appointments for stateside travel before and after our fall overseas mission trip, working on Gospel Gazette Online, working on The Voice of Truth International, etc.). We are making progress on all fronts, but we don’t expect to be done or wholly caught up until we pass over the threshold from our earthly existence to our heavenly reward. Come go with us!


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